Ready? Set? Go!

12 Dec

So as you can see, I’m new here and this is my first time blogging!

I’m hoping this blog will become a place where people can come and catch up with the latest fashion buzz, get beauty tips and even comment a share there opinion with others.

So as this being my first post it will be a short one and with nothing really interesting on it, but for personal or just casual questions send me a message to the blog email on the right or comment bellow and I will answer you the best that I can!

My next post will probably be about the coldest, but also beautiful season were now in, actually it’s my 2nd favorite season of the four, being my first one Spring! Not forgetting the wonderful and magical Christmas holidays, with all of those decorations, the shopping for warm clothes and of course for presents! Filled up with joy and solidarity for those who live with difficulties and can’t have that dinning table covered up with food and a Christmas tree drowning in boxes of presents.

So this year, if you have the chance to help others then do it, even if it doesn’t seem much to you it may mean a lot to another person. You could start by helping out a cause like the one I have bellow, with just a click how is easy is that?

Let us be happy, generous, full of joy and let us be thankful for what we’ve got and give to others what they need in festive days!

Tease the season,

Train – Shake Up Christmas